Monday, November 16, 2015

Make Fitness your Business- Beachbody Coaching Opportinity!

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3 Years ago, I was working full time as an ER nurse, taking my Master's classes to be a School Nurse, and taking care of my little boy who was 12 weeks old and 1 year old.  I needed a change and something to get out of the crazy swing shifts and working weekends and holidays, so I decided to go with my gut and take a leap of faith.

Sometimes a leap of faith is scary, especially since humans naturally fear the unknown and fear change.  But I knew the current situation in my life I was in, I was not happy.  Taking that leap was the best thing I could have ever done for myself, and my boys!  I was taking a leap for freedom both physically (for myself and being a good role model for my boys) and financially.

Physical Freedom- After my second baby, the weight wasn't falling off like the first, I was depressed, uncomfortable, and insecure with my body.  I officially had the "mommy body"... not fun... Never wanted to say I had that, but I did.   But shortly after realizing how miserable I was, I was able to start my new fitness journey with Beachbody.
I started my journey with Insanity (yes, I picked the most intense workout possible lol) and Shakeology, which is our health shake full of dense nutrition and superfoods to help curb those crazy cravings, increase your energy (naturally), and improve your digestion! You can just say I instantly fell in love!  I literally felt so different in just 2 weeks of my journey and new this was the change I needed for myself and my health.
After completing Insanity and Turbo Fire, I knew I wanted to do more than help myself.. I wanted to help others who felt the way I did.. I wanted to help them realize there is another part that was missing.. the opportunity to feel confident, fit, and energetic!  That was when I took my leap of faith as a Fitness Coach with Beachbody!
As I was a coach, I was able to keep myself more accountable to continue my fitness journey and was able to reach my ultimate fitness and health goals 9 months later!  I had abs... something I NEVER had before and never thought was possible, especially after kids!
Currently, I still use my challenge groups (support groups online where I work 1:1 with my customers to help them reach their goals) as my own accountability and show I am still on my own journey!

Financial Freedom- Before Beachbody, I was a nurse, making decent money, but not enough that I was able to save and put away for my children's school, go on vacations more than 1 time a year, and support them in the way I wanted to be able to support them.
The first month I started working as a fitness coach, I was able to make $677! To me, this was exciting!! Working 7 hours a week and making this just by doing what I love?? Helping people and sharing my journey?!?
YES PLEASE!!! This was like a career that I always could dream of but didn't think it was possible to have something that fit me and my lifestyle so much!  Well folks,  I have good news... ITS REAL!!!
People who love fitness tend to go right to personal training... nothing wrong with that at all!! BUT... this is just another or additional opportunity to help others from more than just your area.. we help people from all over the US and CANADA (we are working on going international don't worry)!
As I have been able to reach out to people from all over, I have grown my business to be in the top 1% of the entire organization!! Whats even cooler???
Our team has been in the top 1% of the organization since my first year of coaching!  So the past 2 years, we've actually been in the top 0.5% of the company!
This means amazing training, more opportunity for success and freedom!!
To sum it up, financially, I have been able to provide more for my boys than I ever have! I am making what I do as a full time ER Nurse in 1 year, in just 3 months (or less)! Thats right! I have more than tripled my yearly income and I can confidently tell you that YOU can do the same IF your passion is there!

Now that I have shared my journey as a Beachbody Coach and how I started and where I am today, I want to give you the opportunity to listen in on our 2 hour LIVE EVENT tonight on Facebook!! I created an event so when you go to it, you accept the invite, and we will be posting videos every few minutes and each video will discuss more in depth about what we do as coaches so you can see if this is something that could fit you and your lifestyle!
At the end of the event, we will have a live Q&A on Zoom (link is in the event in the description) to answer any more questions and help you feel comfortable about your decision to join our team Forever FIT!!


*If you are joining this event, please also add me on Facebook at and message me that you are joining so I know you are there! 

Fill out my online form.

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