Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Ok time to update! My 2nd week of Body Beast in the bag!! I am so darn excited about the results I am getting so far in this program and not killing myself over it!! I was doing 2 workouts a day for so long that I forgot how only 1 workout 30-45 min can actually works!! 

 Keeping that nutrition on track and doing that 1 workout a day will go a long way!

My food was almost RIGHT on track! Even though I did go out a few days this week, I made healthy choices!! Going to Red Robin is a place I usually have a big cheat meal.. loaded nachos and all lol.. But I went for a good healthy Southwest Chicken Salad! SCORE!!!! This is showing me I'm getting a little stronger and building more will power! This just shows if you never give up, you CAN and WILL accomplish your goals!! 

I was so proud that I have increased all my weights this past week on every workout! Its crazy how increasing your calories can help your energy so much and still give you results!!! I know they haven't changed much, but it's only been 2 weeks and I do feel very different! That is what counts!! Its not always about the scale! Honestly, the scale has not changed and I only weighed myself 1 time so far... but I have come to realize that scale means crap! It does not show muscle put on, clothes fitting different, energy gained, and confidence gained!! 

My SHAKEOLOGY has been a meal I get in every day.  I drink my Shakeology post workout because I add in my Performance Line Post Recovery Shake (tastes like a frosty), add my Creatine, and Glutamine to help with my muscle repair and prevent muscle soreness.

Part of me having this healthy lifestyle is rubbing it off on my boys! I want to be able to inspire them to want to exercise and be active and it is an amazing feeling to see them so excited to get into sports and run around like little animals!!

It was my son's first day of soccer and although he pouted when someone took the ball off him, we were successful in getting him to understand this healthy lifestyle!  They are always asking me, "Mommy, is this healthy?" and its a great feeling to know they are wanting it to be healthy because they know its best for them!

One meal I had this week was a new recipe Crock Pot Taco Soup and it was so yummy!! 
So easy to make and the boys loved it too!! Who ever said clean eating had to be hard?!?

As my mother came to visit for the weekend, we did a kick butt workout and she joined me in the Body Beast workout!! Usually, when I am with her, she makes me do CIZE, but it was my time to pick!! lol 

We had our energy drink and we were ready to rock lol!! Ok, we have a lot of fun together! Again, it's all about sharing the healthy lifestyle together!!!

 Post workout, we finished off with some home made Chicken N Broccoli Mac N Cheese before my momma had to leave me!  What was even better was the fact that instead of my boys eating that crappy pre made mac n cheese, they dug into this and loved it.... along with the added ketchup!! 

Overall, it was a great week! Lots of healthy food, exercising, and keeping motivated!! Having the support of my family and team also is such a huge part of my success!! 

My challenge groups are where I find support, accountability, and help towards reaching my goals! 

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