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Here are just a few things about me that hopefully can allow you to RELATE and be INSPIRED to do more of what goals you have in life, but may be holding back on...
I do not post about my income as a Fitness Coach because I do NOT want people thinking I am boasting or bragging… because that is NOT me… What I do want people to get out of this, is the potential for themselves to do more of what they want and not hold back because of fear.
Fear can be a “LIFE SUCKER"… If you can push past the fear and let BELIEF and HOPE take priority over fear, you can create a "LIFE CHANGER” for yourself AND your family!

-> I struggled my way through life as a child… not many friends (YES, I was one who skipped lunch to hang in the bathroom stall).
-> I struggled through college to get my Nursing Degree (BUT I DID IT)… I didn’t give up. Yes, I did have fun and party, but studied more than the average person because I took me to read the same thing over and over to get the point across.
-> Financially, I struggled... any money I would earn I would buy things.. I am a HUGE gift giver so it was;t going to just things for me, I was always trying to buy things to show my love.. Ended up being is credit card debt 15,000$.  To get through school was another issue... my mom struggled financially, so she helped with my summer classes, but the rest.. school loans $30,000 debt.
-> I Became A nurse and got a job in the ER… I loved it… BUT I came home not feeling satisfied like I truly “made a difference”.
-> I always had a passion for fitness and working out, but never “thought” I could ever have a satisfying job that would bring home income to provide for my family. Plus giving up all that schooling and school loans I struggled for... NOT happening!!
-> Working 12 hour shifts, weekends, holidays, and only having 1 vacation a year put a damper on my life. I felt I was worth nothing more and this was my life FOREVER… until I retire… at age 65 or older.

-> I started putting God first in my life. I realized NOTHING is more important than the man who died for me!
-> As I got closer to God, I grew in having more Hope and Belief that I am meant for something greater in life.. I HAVE A PURPOSE!!
-> I took 1 STEP in a direction that I knew people would judge me, hate me, block me, and remove me from their lives… BUT I knew my potential for success for MY FAMILY was more important than what others thought (hence having true friends).
-> That step was JOINING a company Called Team BEACHBODY. Yes, we are on infomercials, T.V., online, EVERYWHERE.. WHY??? Because it is LIFE CHANGING!
-> I do not work 12 hour shifts ANYMORE.. No weekends, No holidays…
-> I get at least 3 vacations a year and do not have to worry about asking for time off... IM my own #momboss! I do what I want and when I want ;P
-> It is a way for ME to stay accountable for my own goals— Yes I started coaching right in the middle of my own fitness journey.. BUT successful coaches come from having the right goals, mindset, and belief system, NOT the “perfect body”.
-> I stay home with my kids.. no more missing out on their firsts… events, sports, etc… I ATTEND IT All! I will NOT miss them growing up… because they only grow ONCE!
-> NOW… The BIG part.. when people ask.. you went from Nurse to fitness coach? How are you even replacing that income??

-> By having a passion for helping people succeed physically and financially, working to inspire others daily, and NOT GIVING UP… this happened...
->I have made my YEARLY FULL TIME Nursing Income (working for 5 years with my BSN) in less than 3 MONTHS of Beachbody Coaching! From $75,000 a year to $75,000 in less than 3 months!
Taking that 1 leap of Faith… Knowing I am destined for something great in life… feeling a sense of accomplishment when I wake up and go to bed daily… This IS worth the LEAP!

I am now looking for 5 other women, who sick of DREAMING, and are ready to start DOING… and PAY IT FORWARD TO YOU! 

I want to allow others to have this amazing opportunity that I was blessed with!
I am looking for MOTIVATORS, people who are NOT afraid to WORK, and people who are READY to take ACTION
I want to bring you on my TEAM and help you through your journey to earn a 6-Figure income within your first 2 Years of Coaching!
I know you may think… this is impossible, or maybe not for you… BUT you will NOT know until you DO IT! 
If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please fill out the application below and I will contact you within 12 hours.

*Please note- Income is NOT guaranteed to all coaches.. Income is based on your effort and work put into your business. BUT, the sky is the limit and you make your OWN raises!*

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