Monday, June 22, 2015

3rd Ninja Turtle Birthday for my little Ninja!

This past weekend was absolutely perfect!! My youngest son Weston is turning 3 this week, so we had a little Ninja bash!! Now I usually don't post about this kinda stuff on my blog, but seriously, this mama put some time into this party, so I must share lol!!

It is so easy to just delegate tasks for birthday parties to others so you don't have to worry about it, BUT I have a reason behind what I did! I know people thought I was crazy when I was making my cupcakes, but here are my thoughts!

I have been a working mom since both my boys were born. Swing shifts, 12 hour shifts, working holidays and weekends, and if I am off for a Birthday, I am usually working the day before and the day after.  So this is MY chance to be a MOM!!! I wanted to make the fun stuff..decorations, food, etc.

So in my attempt to only go to the store once to get everything I needed.. it turned into 4.. maybe even 5 trips lol.. I have lists but still forget! Go figure! 

The decorations were fun!! I did the Ninja Turtle balloons and made them into turtles!!

Along with the Ninja balloons.. I made the treat bags into Ninjas too!! so simple to do!! and the kids LOVED them!! :) So worth it!!

And then the cupcakes lol... Ok, yes it took me 6 hours to make.. Thank goodness the eyes were candy because if I would have done what I did with my trial run of making these with all icing, it would have taken me so much longer!!! Its not easy keeping the colors from mixing together!! But it was done and they tasted great... so they say! :) 

Mommy & Chase making cupcakes for the BIG day!
Alright, I didn't do too bad did I?! Totally worth 6 hours of labor lol!! :P
Ok the Fruit and Veggie trays were not so bad!! 
"Ralph" Fruit Tray!
"Mikey" Veggie Tray

Gotta keep the liquid intake healthy! No POP allowed!! Some fresh fruit in the water was perfect!

Seriously, his party starts and he brings out his 2 different personalities at once lol! He goes from crying to happy face in a second!! We don't call him Brutus for nothing! :P

Its time!!! Weston and Ninja Birthday shirt!! Thanks to!  Gotta love it! 

Wes and his big bro having a blast!!

Is he inspecting my cupcakes?!? 
Ready to dig in... with his ninja bathing suit!
Weston and his cousin jumping on his new trampoline! (AKA Tramperine as Weston calls it)
Myself with my Mama and sister!
My FAM!! My Grandma and Grandpa, momma, and sister!! 
Gift opening time!!
Cousins! <3 font="" nbsp="">
Brotherly Love!! <3 font="">

So happy the day went well!! Lots of friends, family, and laughs!! Thanks to all who made Weston's day so special!

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