Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day!!

So as we know, the holidays are about spending time with family and friends, cooking out, and partying!! Statistics show majority of people gain at least 5 pounds over holiday weekends… Are you one of those people? I know, I use to be, but officially have total control over my actions now and love my self-control!! I feel good to have the ability to stay strong, but enjoy myself at the same time!! If you follow a few of my tips, you will set yourself up for success and will either maintain or even lose weight over the holiday!! It’s not about how much we can eat, it is about how much fun we can have!!  I am not asking you to starve yourself by any means… So here it is..

  • Have water with you at all times- If you fill yourself up on water, you stay hydrated and are less likely to feel those false hunger feelings.

  •  Take snacks wherever you go- I always carry extra snacks, just in case I am caught up in traffic, or out where I am surrounded with fatty, foods that I do not even want!! I take almonds, fresh fruit, string cheese, ostrich sticks, protein bars, and of course my SHAKEOLOGY! Make sure you already have these in correct portion sizes- Oh and you may need a cooler!!

  •   Do NOT go to parties hungry!!- I will drink my SHAKEOLOGY prior to attending my event so I am not hungry and going crazy looking at all of the food!! If you go hungry, you’re more likely to binge…so again, set yourself up for success!!

  •  Choose reduced fat or fat free over regular fat- Yes, there is still something slightly unhealthy about fat free or reduced fat, but it definitely wins over a lot of fat!!  You should be in taking approx. 35 grams of saturated fat daily… Most of us do not count and go wayyyy overboard.. my hot dog I am grilling over the fire tonight is fat free.. that means 0 fat, compared to 16 g … Now that’s a big difference!!

  •  Get your workout in early- Don’t make excuses for not working out because of the holidays… Everyone can spare 30 min for a quick workout in the morning before everyone wakes up and then you burn more calories throughout the day!!

  • Choose your alcoholic beverages wisely- I know those fruity drinks and wine taste really good, but if you stick to one, portion control will help.  If you want more than one, which I am human so I will have more than one today, I will have my kettle one vodka and water!! Oh can’t forget add a LEMON!! That will make the taste like your drinking lemonade!!!
  • Stay away from pop (or if you’re not from western PA, SODA) !! It makes you feel bloated, not including the chemicals in regular and diet, so please do not think you’re getting away free with diet.. ITS JUST AS BAD!!!.    
  • Activities- If you keep yourself busy with friends and family, you will not think of food as much!! Play sports, make your body useful, and enjoy the holiday!!! 
Here are some yummy dishes that are great for a cookout, but healthy for everyone to enjoy!!!

clean broccoli cauliflower salad 

layered hummus dip 

green bean walnut and-feta salad 

clean buffalo chicken dip 

Hungry For DESERT anyone?!?

clean-chocolate melt in your mouth brownies

shakeology balls 



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