Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Certified Insanity Instructor!!

Insanity Certified!!
Ok, now I’m catching up.. Last week was a great week.  I took a little road trip to Pittsburgh and got certified as an INSANITY INSTRUCTOR!! I have been working out to Insanity off and on now since my after my first son was born… That was over 2 years ago.  So having done the workout several times, I felt as a BEACH BODY COACH, it is time to instruct others on living the healthy lifestyle and giving people a great challenge to their work out!  INSANITY is the perfect workout for a challenge!!
It is always fun to have a partner along with your journey and I had the opportunity to get certified with my success club partner!! Alyssa and I started just around the same time as BEACH BODY COACHES and have become DIAMOND coaches together!! We are a great team and have awesome memories already as success partners!!

After our workout, we had an awesome dinner with our coach who built the DREAM TEAM (and proud to say my cousin :)) and another Diamond coach on our team/friend and had a wonderful time catching up, learning more information, and relaxing!! Its all about having fun and making your business what you want! Being your own boss has so many benefits and I will say having nice relaxing dinners with the girls is a great perk to my career!!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to help others using the INSANITY work out to help them reach their health and fitness goals!! It will definitely be a challenge for myself with the moves and talking at the same time, but will come with experience and multiple re runs!! I will be searching around the Chambersburg area for a gym to instruct INSANITY at so I will keep you updated!! Until then, I will still of course have FIT club every Wednesday at 6:00 pm at Fayetteville Fire Hall!! If you would like to join me in a workout, message me via email @ or via facebook!! Looking forward to helping others achieve their fitness goals!!

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