Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I am so excited to announce after being in the beach body business, I am a DIAMOND COACH!! 

This is big for me, since this was my goal for December of 2013 and I still have over 6 months to go!! I love being in the BEACH BODY business, because I love having the opportunity to help others reach their ultimate health and fitness goals and get to be a part of people feeling good about themselves!! I love being my own boss and working at my own convenience, and taking off when I need to.  It keeps me healthy and motivated to maintain myself physically and mentally.  I have 2 boys, a 2 yr old and a 10 month old, and let me tell you, it is so amazing to have that extra time at home to spend with your family rather than away at another job.  I am a nurse, and will always work as a nurse (my goal is to be relief and only work a day or so a week), but want to spend the majority of my time with my family and have the opportunity to be a part of their school functions and sports. 
I have a HUGE collection of workouts such as TURBO FIRE, INSANITY, LES MILLS COMBAT, P90X, BRAZIL BUTT LIFT, and INSANITY ASYLUM, and use SHAKEEOLOGY everyday as a meal. It helps that being a coach, you get a discount on their products!! BONUS!! SHAKEOLOGY has played a HUGE part of maximizing my results because it helps with my energy levels and cravings along with providing me with the nutrition that I do not get from other foods in the store that we buy every day.  It’s like going to the salad bar 5 times just in one shake! Can’t get much better than that, especially when you do not like veggies!! So back on track, getting a discount on the products is so beneficial, especially when you are using all the products for yourself!  
 I initially signed up as a coach thinking I would love to have my SHAKEOLOGY paid for, and I was paying 120$ every month for it for a few months... I had my shakes paid for the first 2 weeks of being a coach.  So I have never paid for them since and I’m LOVING it!! When you share the products with people and help them by using beach body products, you are earning a living as well!  This is your job! You make it what you want and that is what is so great about it!
So now that I am a DIAMOND coach, it is time to continue to help people reach their health and fitness goals and continue to enjoy living life and being with my family!!
 I am sharing this with everyone because I have honestly had thus far, one of the best experiences every being a part of this team!! You do not have to be a personal trainer, nutritionist, or an owner of a business, but you DO need to like to help people, and enjoy working out and being healthy!!  If so, this IS YOUR CALLING!! If you are interested in becoming an INDEPENDENT TEAM BEACH BODY COACH, contact me and I will guide you to where you need to be to get into this amazing and successful business!!

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