Saturday, January 2, 2016

How To Use Pinterest to Gain Attraction To Your Social Media

I have been doing some good ol Training for my Pinterest account because I love Pinterest personally, have found amazing ideas, lots of motivation, and amazing challengers and coaches to join my team because of utilizing it!

So today, I just want to share with you all a few tips to help you expand your network through the use of Pinterest!!

First off, I am NOT a professional.. I have to give credit to Melanie Duncan and Natalie Jill for their amazing training and tips!!!

This is my top 5 tips from both of their trainings!! I will recommend you still doing their training, because just my 5 tips does not do justice for their knowledge and skill!!!!

1. Your Pinterest account should have your "pins" linking to YOUR other social media avenues... Ex. Blog, Youtube channel, etc.

If your "pins" are directed to another persons' social media, how are you going to gain traction?? You are basically giving away your potential clients and team mates to someone else by pinning and having it directed to someone else!!

I use my blog for all my detailed information because it is perfect for recipes for my challengers, friends, and family, information on what I have to offer fitness and nutrition wise for my challengers and coaches, and I love sharing my fitness journey for my audience on social media!! Instead of having to re-write everything every time I talk to someone, the use of my blog comes into perfect use!! Being able to PIN everything I post only give my audience the ability to see more, and hopefully reaches out to their friends and family also to help, motivate, and inspire them as well!!

2.  Make sure you have good solid topics for your "BOARDS" so its easy for people who are scrolling through your Pinterest account can see what you are all about! 

Your boards should ONLY have pins from that topic is!! Making them specific will help you gain new followers in that area!!

For example:
Gluten Free Meals- Be sure you only have gluten free meals and recipes on that board
Fitness Motivation- Add quotes, pictures, etc to this board
Healthy meal plans- Self explanatory

3. Make your images EYE-CATCHING!!

People look through pinterest and go further because they like what they see in the image!! So if you can make that image eye-catching, you have a golden opportunity to increase the number of "clickers" and followers!!

Just to go in depth a little more, here are a few things I learned to make the images more eye-catching:

  • Use long images, rather than square or wide- you can do this by using the programs or   (I used both, I just prefer Picmonkey).
  • Add a link to your site for people to go for more information on your image- I put my blog site because thats where I turn all my traffic to on all my social media. I also use the transparency on picmonkey and minimize so it doesn't "pop" as much as the other writing that I am trying to grab peoples attention. 
  • Add a "call to action" ex. "CLICK THE IMAGE fore more detail", "Click here to learn more", "Click to find out how"... and so on. I think you get it :)
  • Make the images with good lighting and pretty to look at!!!  
    • Use apps like photo editor to lighten your pics or use a good filter to change the color image to fit your personality (try to use the same one each time).
    • Food pics close up look good where its focused more on a certain part
    • Be sure its not blurry (as in your didn't focus good enough on taking the pic)
  • Don't have too much clutter in your images.  If you have a collage of too many pics that are hard to see, people won't click.  Make sure all pics are a good size and visible on Pinterest when searching!
Here are some examples of images I used for Pinterest... I use bright colors to make them eye-catching, used filters on the pics that I took of myself, and close ups with the food pics.  

I put my blog link to every image at the bottom so people know where to go for more.

I have a call to action on every picture so my audience knows where to go for more of what they see that is sparking their interest!!

The images are long (not wide), but not too cluttered with just a few pictures in each image.

4. If you are using your Pinterest as a Business account, keep it MOSTLY your business boards! 

I keep my boys Birthday party ideas, etc private.. I do keep a couple public just to show my personality a little!! Fashion, house decorating ideas ... that is what I like to also post on other social media, so everyone gets the same type of content!!

5. Convert your Pinterest account to a Business account- 
Be sure you convert it to a business account by going to
When you have a business account, you can also promote pins for FREE so more people can see your content!! There is a wait list, so be sure you fill out the information to get on the wait list and when it asks you how much you would spend, be generous! Don't worry, they wont require you to spend that much that you put down!!

I hope these tips help you get your Pinterest started off right and you can build upon it on a regular basis!!! I use my Pinterest a good 3 times per week. The more you use it, the more Pinterest will recognize and bump you up on the wait list to promote pins!! :)

Now.. go get that Pinterest up and running!!

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