Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hammer and Chisel Beachbody Journey Progress

Although I may have checked out this week from posting here, I have not checked out with my fitness and health journey! I am getting ready to start up week 4 with Hammer and Chisel and Im pretty pumped!!! I have come a long way from week 1 to week 3!!
5 pound weight loss, but lots of other changes other than the scale!!


So just to back track a little, I got all my workouts in, but there was a day I missed so the next day I got A double in!! Food has been great other than a couple cheats maybe 1 or 2 more than anticipated, but hey, Im making progress over Christmas so I'm doing something right!!

One thing I am so proud of is that my boys are showing that my healthy habits are showing through my kids and the choices they pick for lunch for school!! Look how awesome this is!! One proud mama right here!
Along with packing healthy snacks for my boys, I also do some meal prepping for myself which is how I plan myself for success on my fitness journey!  Sundays or Mondays I will make my meal plan and prep my food so its all ready for the week! Today was my day to prep and get ready for WEEK 4!

I do 1 cheat meal a week just to give myself a little freedom.  If I feel like I am tied down to certain food without a little something, my body will go crazy and I will binge.. that is just me.  I know my body and learned to listen to my body! 

Now, for my workout routine for the week:
Monday: Chisel Balance
Tuesday: Max Hammer Power
Wed: Chisel Cardio and 15 min Glutes
Thurs: OFF DAY
Friday: Hammer build up and 15 min Leg Hammer
Sat: Chisel Agility
Sun: Hammer Power and 10 min Ab Hammer

Now, for my mental game plan.. not just for the day, but for the week:

Yea, you got it.. this is not just about eating and working out.. this is about being mentally ready and prepared also!! We all have "things" in our lives that cause us stress and sometimes we let that stress really get the best of us to the point that we totally end up falling off in every aspect.  

There is 1 thing that we can do to keep ourselves together no matter what situation you are in... HAVE FAITH in the process!! 
Have faith, and also keep in mind WHY you are here! WHY are you on this journey to begin with? 

If you keep a strong enough WHY throughout your journey, your journey will never stop, because that reason will be strong enough to keep you going through anything!! My WHY and reason for going through my health and fitness journey is not just myself, but also my boys!! To help them see what is going to keep them healthy. strong, and live a long fulfilling life! 

Aren't they just amazing?!?
So, now that we made it through Christmas, its time to get ready for a New Year!!! Time to get our mindset right, make some goals: Physical, mental, spiritual, Financial, Career, etc!!!
The more goals you can set for yourself and write them down, the more you are making them a priority!! Also, don't forget to put a deadline on those goals to give them a sense of urgency!!! Give reasons to look at them daily and do small things every day to get yourself closer to reaching them!!

If you are making goals for your own physical and health journey and you are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle, I am hosting a 30 Day New Years Fit Resolution Challenge that will provide you with daily tips, recipes, support, motivation, and a chance to get in the best shape of your life! More importantly, my goal is for you to NOT be like the 80% of the population that stops after 3 weeks, this is to help you form good habits so you can turn this journey into a lifestyle of your own and to share with your friends and family!

Please fill out the application below for a spot in my Jan 4th Fitness Group! Spaces are limited and I am only accepting NEW challengers who do NOT already have a Beachbody coach working with them!

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