Monday, April 27, 2015

FITNESS COACH SUCCESS- Maegan Blinka New 4 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach!

Fitness Coach Success- Maegan Blinka Forever FIT's New 4 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach!

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I am so excited to announce our very first 4 star Diamond coach on Forever FIT, Maegan Blinka!! Maegan is a college friend of mine who worked with me at Ruby Tuesday back in the day!! After college, we lost touch... we moved on, got married, had kids, and it wasn't until last year that we were reunited after 6 years, thanks to Beachbody!! 

Maegan reached out to join a challenge group of mine to just tone up and get back to that pre baby body!  Well, she has done way more than that!! She is now in better shape than she ever has been!! What did it take?? Starting a workout regimen (working out from home) with the 21 DAY FIX, drinking SHAKEOLOGY daily as her meal replacement full of superfoods and dense nutrition, but also getting the accountability and motivation in our challenge group held in a closed group on face book!  This is where the magic happens... where the lives are changed! 

Since Maegan has found great success while in our challenge group, she loved the products and decided to sign up as a "Discount Coach" to get the discount on her Shakeology every month.  She is a stay at home mom and quit her full time job as an accountant to be home with her babies so getting the discount would help her and her family with saving money.  

After a couple months, Maegan decided getting the discount was awesome, but why not help people that struggle with their weight and health and also earn income for her family? She took her journey and started sharing it with her friends and family and as she showed her excitement about her success, everyone was joining in! She got tons of her family involved as the first people she could help, including her grandmother! 

As Maegan continued sharing her journey and love for the home fitness programs and Shakeology, she has built an amazing and successful business! She is officially Forever FIT's 1st 4 star Diamond Coach which means she has helped at least 4 people on her team build an amazing team themselves and reached Diamond rank! 

She is changing lives and am so excited to share that she has worked very hard and has been so dedicated to her business that she and her family are currently building their 2nd home--> Their DREAM home at the age of 29! 

I am so very proud of you Maegan and only looking forward to more amazing parts to your journey!  

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I am looking for 5 people to join us on this journey to success as a part of Forever FIT! We are the top 1% of the entire Beachbody Organization and looking for more people who are driven and passionate about their own fitness goals and want to pay it forward and help others reach their health and fitness goals! 

I have a Coach Training that will get you started with understanding what we do as fitness coaches working from home, along with learning what it takes to be successful working part-time, earning a full-time income for you and your family!

Please fill out the application below for an exclusive spot in my next New Coach Training to Success!  I will respond within 24 hours! 
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