Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grocery Shop Healthy and On A Budget!

So you hear so often, people do not want to eat healthy because its expensive right?! Did you know if you portion control and use a few of these tips I am about to give you, you can actually SAVE 50$ or more at the grocery store per month?

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To me, if you can find a way to eat out and eat fast food, you can make a way to eat healthy! I know its not easy to fight cravings and those temptations that surround us on a DAILY basis, but its time to dig deep at your goals and think about what truly makes you happy at the end of the day! 
Does eating your unhealthy temptations make you happy?? Maybe temporary, but you know that goes away as soon as you swallow your food! The feeling of success and fueling your body with healthy food lasts so much longer! Its just getting into the habit that is tough...

1. PORTION CONTROL- If you are eating the correct portion, you are most likely eating half of what you usually do.  No need to eat 2 and 3 servings at a time... small, frequent meals will keep your metabolism going strong throughout the day!
2. STICK WITH WHATS ON YOUR LIST- At least 10% of the groceries in our cart at the end of our shopping trip comes from adding additional food that is NOT even on your list, nor necessary.. extra snacks and so on! 
3. COMMIT to only one trip every 1 or 2 weeks- I know this is hard... we want to make something different and don't have all the ingredients, so we tend to make that extra trip and end up spending another 50$ that wasn't even needed... Commit to sticking with what you have at home... even if you want something different, use the ingredients you have at home and make something different... Save that meal for when you make your next trip! I promise you, it will save you TONS!
4. SKIP the isles that has nothing on your list- save yourself time and money and do not even go down the isles that you do need to... the candy isle, chips and soda isle.... you know they are only going to cause you heart ache at the end of the day when you are mad you gave into temptation! Start disciplining yourself now and it will get easier to pass up sooner!
5. NEVER GO SHOPPING HUNGRY! If you go shopping with a full belly, you are less likely to give in and put those extra items in your cart! 

Join a support group/challenge group! 
I run 60 day challenge groups on a closed group on Facebook on a monthly basis to help people get to that next level in their healthy lifestyle that they are having trouble doing on their own...
And yes, its ok to need help! Even coaches need coaches to guide and motivate them! I am a prime example! 

I have reached my ultimate health and fitness goals by using different Beachbody programs, clean eating, and drinking SHAKEOLOGY on a daily basis to help with my nutrition.
Nutrition being 80% of your weight loss, it is important to understand you cannot give 80% and then fall off on the weekends.. That will NOT get you to your goals.... What will get you to your ultimate goals is giving 100% commitment and dedication every day! 

I do say 1 off meal (NOT DAY) is good to trick your body a little bit! Keep in mind, 1 meal a week, not weekend or entire day! And you know what? If you feel you are falling off, jump back on! Do NOT feel if you messed up, you might as well mess up the rest of the day and start again tomorrow! I hear it ALL THE TIME!! Your tomorrow is today!! If you keep starting over, you will stay in the same place! Now, I am not saying give up either! 

Every day, think about small successes you have made for that day! Do not always look at your failures or you will set yourself up for failure!  Also, try not to look to far ahead at how far you have to go to reach your goal or you will feel defeated and there is a great possibility of quitting. Quitters never WIN!

Make a promise to yourself to stay POSITIVE EVERY DAY!
Wake up and the first thing you tell yourself is "I will succeed today", "I will reach my goals today"... It may sound silly, but you know what?? You will do what you tell yourself you are going to do! So if you start your day positive and motivating, it will end that way!
Make a commitment to write down 1 success or victory that  you had during your day! Whether its skipping a desert, doing your workout when you were going to sleep in, get all your water in, no caffeine or soda, no smoking, no drinking, etc... whatever it may be, its time to reward yourself and be proud of every accomplishment along the way! 
If you can do this daily, your small successes will turn into huge successes! 

If you would like more tips and ways to reach your health and fitness goals, fill out the application below for an exclusive spot in my next 60 day fitness challenge!

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