Monday, March 2, 2015

Help Promote Awareness for LLS and Support Pittsburgh Woman of the Year Katy Ursta!


 and Support Pittsburgh Woman of the 

YeaKaty Ursta!

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I am so excited to talk to you about this month's HUGE goal we have for March!!  My fellow coach, friend, and a top coach on the Dream Team (#1 team in the Beachbody organization) was Diagnosed last year with stage 4 Lymphoma and went through 12 tough rounds of chemotherapy.  During these 12 rounds and very difficult months for her and her family, I was able to get to know her more than ever and let me say, I do not know many people who could stay as strong as she did during her struggles in life.  As fitness coaches, she struggled with the fact she was sick.  She thought, who would want me as their coach when Im sick and losing my hair?? 
As she thought that, she had so much support from her family and friends and instead of letting those struggles beat her down and allow her to give up on what was important in life, this momma of 2 decided to TURN HER MESS INTO HER MESSAGE.  Not give up, slow down, or go a different route. 

LITERALLY, Katy continued working out consistently, even through chemo- she would wake up and workout prior to going in for chemotherapy.  Instead of letting her business with fitness go, she inspired SOOOO many people! HOW?? 
Well, think about it.... people make excuses ALL the time about not having time to workout, not getting enough sleep, feeling too tired and weak... UMMM yea, Could you even IMAGINE how TIRED, WEAK, she felt, let alone sitting through chemo for how long, spending how many days in the hospital, being a mom, wife, and still working her business??? That literally gave NO ONE room to give excuses.. They all just went out the window!
Katy showed in so many ways what is possible in life if you just turn your mess into your message and a story that is so real and unique. 

After those 12 rounds of chemo, she is NOW Cancer FREE... and as I said how she has inspired MANY MANY people, and was NOMINATED AS PITTSBURGH WOMAN OF THE YEAR!!!

What our goal is with Forever FIT, is to try and help support Katy with both her campaign this month for woman of the year, but also support those who fought or are fighting blood cancers as she did.  She is focusing her campaign on giving to Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS), and I would LOVE nothing more than to help her as a TEAM to reach her goals!! 
This is something she cannot do alone, but with the support and help of all of us... SHE WILL GET TO HER GOALS!! Her goals are just as important to me as they are to her because she is one of my very very closest friends and success partners since our Beachbody careers started together. 
So, as a team, lets come together and show her what we got!! By the way, this STARTS TODAY!!

First, PRAYERS!! Many many prayers are needed through this amazing journey she is going through since overcoming many obstacles in the past year!

MARCH 28th 9AM- 12pm EST
WHERE: Circleville Firehall in North Huntingdon, PA.
Join Forever FIT for a great workout, followed by a great post workout meal to fuel your body and give it a whole dose of dense nutrition with SHAKEOLOGY our health shake meal replacement!
Katy will be present at the start to talk about her journey!!! :) 

Time to share this with everyone, everywhere!  Talk to family and friends and have them join in on the fun, and lets honor those who fought this similar battle!!
100% proceeds will go straight to LLS fund to help other families struggling through these blood cancers!

For tickets and donations, please visit

Your donations are greatly appreciated and please keep in mind the gift of giving to others goes a long way and you will be blessed with something amazing in return.  

If you would like to hear more about Katy's story and journey through fighting Lymphoma, please visit


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