Saturday, November 9, 2013

Join my 2 week FREE Health and Fitness Coach Training!

Do you have a passion for health and fitness and want to make that a career?  Are  you just starting your fitness journey and want to keep yourself accountable along with helping others along the way? You may be at your goal weight, or may just be starting your journey, either way, if you have a passion for health and fitness, this could be an opportunity of a life time for you!

Do you ever wonder what exactly a health and fitness coach does??  Well, I decided to make a FREE 2 week training that gives you all the important information that you would want to know before committing.

As a 5 star qualifying Diamond Coach and on the #2 team in the Beach Body company, we have amazing training and success and are one of the fastest growing teams!

People have questions on how much time is put into this career, how are you going to manage your time when you already feel you have no extra time to spare, and how to be a coach without any schooling on nutrition or background with health and fitness.

People also say they have a fear of failing and do not think they will find anyone to get involved with them, so they will not go far with coaching.

What I will be doing over the next 2 weeks, I will teach you all about how to manage your time properly between your family, full time job, children, and/or school.  Yes, it's possible to still coach even with a busy life like this one!
I will give example of what my schedule looks like and how I make time for everything important in my life, and still be successful as a Beachbody coach!
I am also going to help you actually find people who would get started on their journey with you as their coach! I will be on the phone with you, and walk you through each step!
I will take you through the journey of a coach and how we help people.. by running challenge groups! I will put you into my group I already have going and you will see exactly HOW they work!! Kind of like a shadowing at a job!!

This group will be in a closed group on face book and you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you would like! There will be other coaches on my team available so you can hear from us all!! This is a great opportunity for you to get a feel for coaching before really taking that big step into committing yourself!

Although this career is for people that love helping others, please realize the opportunity to earn an extra income is here.. If you are wanting to just earn a couple hundred dollars a month, 100$/week, 500$/week, or 5000$/week, it is completely up to you on how much time and effort you put into this! The sky is the limit!

If you are interested in joining me in this opportunity, find me on facebook at and add me as a friend.
You can also email me at

If you would like a spot on my team, fill out this application to be chosen on the #2 team in the Beach Body company!

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