Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Sales Beach Body!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed their day with family and friends and gave thanks to everything you were blessed with! I had an amazing day with my hubby and kids!
Our breakfast was awesome... I made my famous Pumpkin Protein Pancakes and the boys ate them all up!

I did not get my workout in this morning, but while the boys were napping, I was done prepping our turkey dinner, so I got my workout in and had my SHAKEOLOGY for my lunch!!

We of course watched the Macy's Day Parade, and cooked an awesome turkey dinner! I skipped on the mashed potatoes ( my hubby can't go without), and I made stuffing without butter, and used whole wheat bread and turned out really good!! For dessert I made an awesome PECAN PIE and did have some skinny wine with our friends!

I must say, this was the first Thanksgiving EVER that I did not have a second plate! I am very proud of myself!! ;)
So on another note, let's talk about what is amazing going on right now with Beach Body!! We have our Black Friday Sales, just like everyone else! What a perfect way to stay healthy over the holidays, or helping family and friends stay healthy by giving them a workout or their favorite supplements as a gift!!
Take a look at how amazing these sales are!!
Keep in mind, these are only until Monday, and while supplies last!! Stock up!! 
If you do not have a Beach Body account and would like me to be your FREE coach, visit and I will help you get started! Once you sign up as a Beach Body customer, you will have the opportunity to get into all our sales!!
I am also having a 14 Day Shakeology Shakeoff to get the month of December going right! This is a 14 day challenge where you replace one meal a day with our health shake full of dense nutrition that gives you everything you need in a daily dose and your multi vitamin!! You also can chose any workout program of your choice from beach body to help maximize your results.  If you need help choosing a program, I can help find one that is perfect for you!  This group is held in a closed group on face book, so if you are across the country, don't worry... you are still invited!! This is the perfect way to keep you accountable and motivated during the holiday season! I will coach you and give health/nutrition tips, recipes, and help with meal plans so you can be your own coach one day!! 
No paying for gym memberships, personal trainers, or spending gas money traveling back and forth! 
If you are interested in joining my next challenge, message me for details!

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