Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Saturday Training

So Saturday was yet another fantastic experience as a beach body coach!  It was a Beach Body Challenge Corporate Training Event where coaches and customers that are interested come together and talk about coaching and how to better yourself as a person and in your career.  Nathan Farnsworth, a member of beach body's corporate also flew in to help in educating us on how to be more successful!  It is so nice to see everyone in person, instead of only talking via facebook and sometimes via phone.  There was an amazing turnout and way more people showed than expected, so hopefully our team grows and more people can help in ending the trend to obesity!
This is our Dream Team, which was made by our Elite Diamond Coach, Melanie Mitro.  This team is so amazing and hard working!  Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend due to the drive, but still had a great turnout for our team!!  So proud to be a part of such an inspiring and successful team!!

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