Monday, February 4, 2013

How To Control Yourself As A "TV SNACKER"

How to control yourself when you are one of those "TV Snackers"

One thing I have learned to do is when you have a thought to just start snacking, I want you to first directly think about your WHY!  WHY are you eating healthy in the first place?? Second, is eating this snack more important than your WHY?!? Lastly, I want you to take that snack and eat it alone at a dinner table... No, Not in front of the TV... Go to your table, put the food in front of you, and what this does is allows you to really focus on what you’re eating... When you’re more focused, you’re less likely to eat as much, if at all.... When you’re in front of the TV or pre occupied, you lose sight of how much you ate, and even how full you are. In a way, it can make you feel guilty, which also helps!! Soon enough, you will find it not important to waste the time to do this and will choose not to give into temptation!!

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