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6 Star Diamond Elite Beach Body Coach Success Story

I have definitely had a couple crazy months recently and I have been working a couple extra hours, sacrificing a little sleep, but now that qualification period is over, those few hours sacrificed has paid off!!
I am so thrilled to share exactly what this excitement is all about!!
So most of you know about me, but just for those of you who are new at visiting my blog, I am a mother of 2 amazing boys ages 18 months and my oldest will be 3 in 2 weeks! They are my life! I also have an amazing husband who at one time wanted nothing to do with health and fitness until I had a transformation.. He now is involved with everything I do to maintain my healthy lifestyle! I am a nurse who is just so passionate about helping others. Something I added just 1 year ago into my life was starting a new career as a Beach Body coach. My job is to help others live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  I educate people on clean eating, along with exercise so everyone can get the most out of their journey. I started this journey of coaching when I was going through my own transformation. I was in a challenge group (support group through Beachbody) using Insanity and Shakeology, and was so happy with my results I was getting and how much energy I had! My cravings were gone after using Shakeology, and I was just feeling different than I ever did with any diet I tried.  What really hit the spot with coaching, was my results were not just a phase or diet I was on... this was something that you can live off of.. its a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.  I wanted to share my journey and transformation with others so they can see its real.. it is not just another fad diet. I also realized you can exercise as much as you want, but if you do not have the nutrition part down, your results will not show.  After changing my nutrition, that is when my results were most evident to myself and everyone around me.  
I ended up losing 40 lbs and 25 inches! This was from start to finish using Insanity, Turbo Fire, P90X, and the Ultimate Reset. I also incorporated Shakeology, our health shake meal replacement every single day. I know nutrition can be tough to plan, so this was something that worked so well for me.  One less meal to plan and purchase at the grocery store!
Since I had my transformation, I really got into coaching and have been helping so many people! I set new goals for myself and one thing I did not do was set big goals.. I was the type of person who is afraid of writing something down and not accomplishing them, so I would not write my huge push goals because of the fear of failure.  I wanted to feel that sense of accomplishment and I knew if I didn't write them down, I would not be let down if I didn't make those goals... Do you ever feel like that?? 
Let me say its the worst thing to do! If you do not write your goals down, there is no sense of urgency. You need to give yourself deadlines, that importance, and accountability to yourself to reach what is truly important to you.  I know this because once I finally wrote them down, I worked harder than ever, and stayed committed to my goals. I was consistent and didn't give up until I reached them!
Now that sense of accomplishment is so much better because those huge goals I once thought were impossible are now met and it's time to make bigger goals!
I want to mention 2 of my goals that were too big for me to write down and mention my other goals that i did write down.

My goals I did write down:  
Reaching 2 star by Dec 2013
Help 50 people get healthy 
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Earn my trip to the Caribbean Cruise and go for FREE
pay off my only credit card
Earn 1,000$/week

My goals I did not write until just 4 months ago: 
5 star and ELITE by Dec 2013.  

Month by month, I was getting very slowly showing progress, but it was honestly not until I wrote my big goals down, that everything was changing before my own eyes... more people asking me to help them reach their health and fitness goals, people wanting to coach with me on my team and help others, and my paychecks increasing each week.  I was growing as a coach, leader, and person! I have been learning more about myself than I ever have.. how to communicate with others, and how to really put others before myself.  One of the greatest accomplishments though is also having my family included in all of this.  Supporting me and being healthy with me and allowing me to take the time to help others. 
Since I had so many people that had the same passion for helping people, I ended up creating my own team which is now called Forever Fit! It's all about living that healthy lifestyle and making it something that is long term vs something just  temporary.  We are in this for the long run.  

So what is Forever Fit all about? Forever Fit started with me wanting to help anyone who was willing to get healthy.. I ran challenge groups to help people stay accountable and motivated to reach their goals.  Many of these challengers are the ones who ended up joining my team because they saw this is exactly what they needed to have that lifestyle they have wanted. As my friends and acquaintances saw what I was doing, they became interested and wanted to have the opportunity to make a career with health and fitness... they wanted a job they would love.  So as more and more coaches joined me, we became one team.. Forever Fit!! The coaches on my team have taken time to help others, to dedicate themselves to live this healthy lifestyle themselves. It has not been always easy for all of us, but in the end, we can all say this is such a rewarding career and not one of us would trade in this opportunity that was given to us!

I have now added over 30 coaches to my team and have over 100 members and it is growing faster than ever! This did not happen because of me... this happened because of my amazing coaches who are so committed to their health, along with helping others with doing the same exact thing.. GETTING HEALTHY!  It's all about promoting health and preventing illness and diseases! We are adding years to people's lives just by educating and motivating!! 

Since growing my team to something so amazing, I can now say my goals have been reached... Not just the 2 star I wrote down, BUT the 5 star ELITE... Actually, I went a little further and went to 6 star Elite! I have to recognize my amazing Diamond coaches who have helped make this happen.. Who have put in lots of work, dedication, and consistency to get to this Diamond status!

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Michael Gowan: Michael was my first Diamond coach that works full time, is a full time father of 2 awesome boys and he is also my cousin! He not only has a passion for health and fitness, but also for personal development.  He is definitely the preacher type.. Someone you can always rely on to brighten up your day, but also take you to reality and help you see the greater things in life.. to be thankful for what you have.  He went to Diamond in just 90 days! 

Jen Morris: Jen is a stay at home mommy of 2 amazing boys, 1 which was diagnosed with Autism.  Jen has spent so much time with figuring out the best ways to make her son less symptomatic with this illness. I will say she has done such an amazing job.  She has officially been nominated by me as the Queen of clean eating!  She has practicing with clean foods, raising her own animals so her food has absolutely no chemicals that can affect her son's behavior and illness.  This is helped her with having her son on less medication and his illness is more controlled, thanks to her dedication to her family.   Jen went diamond in less than 60 days!! This is crazy, and something not many people are able to achieve!

Alisha Smith: Alisha is yet another amazing coach who literally surprises me every week with an awesome come back.  She started as just a challenger wanting to see her fitness and health results.  As she started using beach body workouts and Shakeology, the challenge group gave her so much motivation that she totally blew it out of the water with her results.. She has lost over 40 lbs and 40 inches!! She could use soooo many excuses for not following through.. she is a full time mommy of 4 (youngest being less than 1 yr old), she owns her own bakery (yes I said it, BAKERY), she is a full time Spanish teacher, and now is coaching with Beach body full time! HOLY man is this is busy momma!!! She lets NOTHING get in her way! She is so dedicated and committed to her health and family, it's unreal!!  She also became a Diamond right around 60 days!!

Andrea Youngblood: This girl right here was one of my first coaches who wanted to coach as a career.  She is not only a mommy of 2 amazing sweet little boys, but is also a full time nurse.  Yes, we work together at 2 jobs! She sees enough of me that is for sure lol!! But she started coaching after getting great results with P90X and wanted to incorporate Shakeology and other workout programs and help others on their journey as well!! She has made such an awesome team for herself and is definitely more of the teacher type!! She has had an amazing transformation as well!! Andrea is such a go getter and love that she will take on any challenge that comes around! 

Lauren Penrose: Lauren is a mommy of a beautiful little girl Nora, a Physician's Assistant, and also my sister in law! She has lots of knowledge on health and fitness and wanted to apply it even more to help people get healthy, so she decided to coach on my team and has been so successful! She has reached Diamond rank just in around 60 days! Lauren being a new mommy, and a full time PA still has dedicated herself so much to helping others make that healthy lifestyle for themselves! I am so excited to say she is now going part time as a PA to focus on being at home with her daughter and work from home as a health and fitness coach with Beachbody! So proud of you!! 

Cody Penrose: Cody is my husband of 4.5 years, my rock, and my support.  Although he was not always supportive of me taking hours away from family to work on the computer, he has seen a huge change in me.. He sees the excitement when I get a challenger's result that they have lost a number of inches or pounds, or when one of my fellow coaches rank advanced.  He sees the passion in me with this career and knows I am so thankful this opportunity came for me to officially stay at home with my children!

Yes, I said it.  After 1 year of working as a mommy, nurse, and Beach body coach, I have achieved my goals of 6 star ELITE Diamon, ranked #109 out of over 140,000 coaches, and am able to quit my job as a nurse and work only from home! I will say I will never completely quit my job as a nurse, because I love helping people and having that interaction and communication with others is so rewarding, but I am so happy to be able to work relief. I will work when I want, and have the best of both worlds being home with my kids, while still working as a coach to help everyone!

I do want to mention a huge part of my success came from my up line coach and cousin Melanie Mitro. She has been there for me the entire way throughout my journey.  She is the #2 coach in the Beach body company and the founder of the Dream Team.  Yes, I am still a part of this team! It is awesome to have a mentor to guide you into the right direction, which is exactly what I learned to do.. Be a leader and mentor for my own coaches to help them grow.
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If you want to work from home, but have a rewarding career, I want you to know this is totally possible for you too! I am a normal person, just like you with hopes and dreams to be successful.  If you have a passion for helping people, and love health and fitness, this is your opportunity! You do not have to be a nutritionist, a personal trainer, but you do have to have the motivation to motivate others!! 
I encourage you to follow your dreams, know you are capable of achieving your goals, and shoot for the stars! Do something that makes you excited to wake up every morning and gives you that sense of accomplishment.  And always remember...
 "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"
-Zig Zigler

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